Promotion opportunities

Polish Mining Congress (PKG) 2017’s proceedings will be held in 24 thematic sessions and in the inaugural plenary session. A list of sessions is available (here).

During the three congress days we expect about 600 participants – employees of the mines, companies working for the mining industry, representatives of universities, research centers and research units.

This unique mining forum provides a unique opportunity for Companies to present their achievements and to promote new solutions in the broadly understood mining industry.

We invite you to participate commercially in the Congress as we offer various forms of promotion and advertising. The most important and honorable titles are, of course, the titles of the Congress Main Partner and Congress Partners. Due to their uniqueness and especially rich package of promotional activities offered within these forms of promotion, we ask all interested parties to contact the Congress Secretariat or the promotion and advertising coordinator directly.

The retail offer of promotional activities within PKG 2017 is as follows:

  Offer type Net unit price
A1 Main PKG’17 Partner Tel.
A2 Partner PKG’17 Tel.
A3 Patron of the Plenary Session 15 000
A4 Patron of the Lecture Session 10 000
A5 Sponsor of the Concert Tel.
A6 Sponsor of the Solemn Social Meeting Tel.
A7 Company presentation 2 500
A8 Exhibition stand (display box) and roll-up banner 5 000
A9 Advertising on multimedia screens 3000
A10 Display of a roll-up banner 3000
B1a Bulletin (over 3000 copies) – cover page I 10 000
B1b Bulletin (over 3000 copies) – cover pages II and III 3 000
B1c Bulletin (over 3000 copies) – cover page IV 4 000
B1d Bulletin (over 3000 copies) – inside page 2 000
B2 Materials with summaries of congressional papers on CD 3 000
B3 Advertisement on the Congress website 2 500
B4 Logo printed in the Congress program 2 000


A detailed description of promotional activities is provided in the handbook titled „Promotion and advertising”.

Order form of the above mentioned forms of advertising are located here.

We would like to invite you to participate in the Congress and please contact us for suggestions on additional forms of promotion.

Contact for promotion and sponsorship issues:

jj_2011 Jacek Jarosz

tel. +48 608 186 594